3rd June 2018

Our charity was originally created to support people affected in the UK with AATD.  It didn’t take long before we started to help those from other countries and today we stretch as far as Australia and New Zealand.  It is for this reason that we want to show the world that we are not just a UK charity.  While we are based in the UK and registered in England, Wales and Scotland, we help all that are affected that come to us for support.  We thought the best way to do this was to change our name so we are no longer thought as a UK only Support Group.

On the 5th May 2018 we discussed the matter at our AGM and it was unanimously agreed that a name change was a good this.  The Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and HMRC were all notified and the different paperwork submitted.  A few weeks later we were individually notified by the two charity regulators that they had accepted our paperwork and they had updated their records.  We then notified all those who had signed up for our Charity/AGM eNewsletters.  It was decided to start the change publicly from the 1st June 2018.  It will take some time to update all of the people, groups and companies that we have dealings with, so don’t be confused if you still see the ‘UK’ on our name at some places.