We at Alpha-1 Awareness have some wonderful news that we would like to share with you.

Internal Promotion

Glyn Cockaday joined our charity Board 3 years ago as our Facebook Admin.  Glyn not only excelled at this role, but started to help with many other internal projects and often took lead on them. We are so thankful to Glyn for all the work that he does and how he pushes our charity forward.  Today we invited him to become a Trustee & we are pleased to say that he accepted the position.





New Board Member

We are also very pleased to announce a new member to the Board of our charity.  Graham (or ‘Gray’) Dalton has been supporting Alphas and helping to bring awareness of the condition for over 2 years & we were delighted when he approached us asking if he could help.  Gray is joining us as Scottish Representative. With Gray’s help, we will be stronger and able to expand how we support Alphas.





New News Website

We often see articles about Alpha-1 and it can be difficult to know which one to publish in our Facebook Group and also our website.  We can’t publish everything we see as many will not be of interest to most people, but we also know that some would like to read the more technical reports such as about research that is taking place.  It is for this reason that we have created a News website that is dedicated to all public mentions of Alpha-1.  The site’s news articles are broken down into different categories which are shown below.  We hope that you find the new website helpful, you can find the new site here: www.alpha1.news.

  • Charity News –  All news about our charity
  • Alpha-1 in the Press – Regional and Global articles that mention Alpha-1
  • Other Alpha-1 Group’s News – News from other Alpha-1 groups
  • General Research – Articles about research connected to Alpha-1
  • Treatment Research & Trials – Information about treatments, research into treatment and trials
  • Treatments – Anything related to active treatment
  • Help and Advice – External companies offing advice to Alpha sufferers
  • Other Articles – Posts and articles that may or may not be related to Alpha-1, but we think may be of interest




Online Shop New products


The final bit of exciting news is about our shop.  Since it’s online launch back in 2013 we have added many new products and have been pleased at how successful the new lines have been. Like all good shops, we must keep adding new items and asking people what they want to see us sell.  Well, we have been listening to your comments and are very pleased to say that we have a number of new items landing soon in our shop.  What are they I hear you ask?  Well, you will have to watch this space.  Our first new line will be announced next weekend and we hope you like them.  Over the coming weeks we will be releasing news of other new items all in time for Christmas.  If you would like to know more on what is released and when, you will need to watch us in our Facebook Group, Instagram or Twitter.  Be warned though, don’t hang around to make your order as some of these items will have a limited supply and once they are gone, they are gone for good.