RICHLAND, WA- The Wishing Star Foundation is a non-profit based out of Spokane that grants the wishes of children ages 3-21 with terminal, life threatening or medically complicated conditions.

Friday the non-profit granted the wish of a young Richland girl named Oaklee McBride. Oaklee has Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency an inherited condition that puts her lungs and livers at risk. She is currently on standby for a liver transplant. Oaklee’s wish was to become an American Ninja Warrior, the popular show on NBC in which contestants compete on challenging obstacle courses. Oaklee’s family watches the show together which is why Oaklee became such a huge fan.

“They just really enjoy it and they like the obstacle and the challenge of stuff,” said Dorin McBride who is Oaklee’s father. “Oaklee has spent a lot of time keeping up with her older brother so there has always been competition and they love it and it’s been fun.”

A Ninja Warrior course was built in Oaklee’s backyard and she was paired with a Ninja Warrior from Spokane named Sandy Zimmerman. Zimmerman has been competing on the show for four seasons now and has begun mentoring and training Oaklee since March.

“This girl is already a fighter she is in the biggest fight of her life,” said Zimmerman. “For her to get to come experience Ninja to just get a break from everything going on in her life and get to play on obstacles and get to interact and get to be with her it has just meant a lot and it’s a responsibility as a role model that I take really seriously.”

The course that was built can also expand so that as Oaklee gets older, she can continue to play on it and get better at the sport. She has already won an award in the sport, winning first place in her age group at a competition hosted by Zimmerman. Oaklee also got a chance to see Zimmerman compete in the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior when they filmed it but she had to watch virutally due to the pandemic. Getting a chance to see his daughter’s wish come true and see her compete in challenging obstacles makes McBride really proud.

“It’s awesome it’s just amazing she has been through a lot and continues to fight and just amazes me everyday,” said McBride.


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