On the 20th January 2018 Alpha-1 Awareness UK went to London to see Professor David Lomas. We were there to make a £25,000 (yes, Twenty Five Thousand pounds) donation to go to the research of a cure for Alpha-1. We were shown around his different laboratories and inside many of the areas where they work including where they do the stem cell research (all sorts of boxes in the walls with glass fronts and holes with rubber gloves mounted in them). The equipment and different corridors were full of technology we have only seen before in movies. Sadly we weren't able to take any photos inside the labs for security reasons. I was able to take a photo of one of the corridors though that lead to all the labs! I also saw that they have a great sense of humor where they have bake-off competitions for the staff.

Thank you to all those who donated money to our charity. While I don't think we could give this same huge amount next year, let's try. Please help us find a cure.